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1️⃣ 糖果盒(专辑作品)
2️⃣ 支持多月订阅
3️⃣ 邀请密码访问
4️⃣ 元宇宙钱包 
5️⃣ 安卓APK 下载


Update in December (updated feature coming soon)

1️⃣ Candy Box (Update Album Works)
2️⃣ Support multi-month subscription
3️⃣ Invite password access
4️⃣ Meta-universe wallet
5️⃣ Android APK Download

Currently, the website is already in mobile view,  can be added to the homepage in the Android mobile.
To request the features you want to see, please leave a comment below 1

1️⃣  过滤栏(初始+最喜欢的帖子)
2️⃣ 视频和收店改进
3️⃣ 滑动条(下载应用程序)
4️⃣ 创作者资料卡片分享

所有忠诚 <15,000 名用户本周将获得奖励,发送到钱包

November update ( feature coming soon)

1️⃣Filter bar (final + favorite post)
2️⃣ Video and store collection improvements
3️⃣ Scroll bar (download application)
4️⃣ Creator earnbase social card

All loyal <15,000 users will be rewarded this week and sent to the wallet
To request the features you want to see, please leave a comment below 1
🎁 11.11 🎁 

通过在下方评论您希望我们邀请哪些创作者并支持他们的作品来领取 🎁 粉丝礼物

Redeem a gift by commenting below what creators you like us to invite, and support their work. Or private message me, to make the world a more beautiful place, with artistic creation. 1
👏🔑 宝盒招募计划 

⭐⭐ 正在号召各大网红博主,摄影师,艺术家来分享🎨 作品
1️⃣ 会员圈 2️⃣ 出售专辑 3️⃣ 众筹项目 4️⃣ 海外和国内支付


👏🔑 EarnBase Recruitment Plan

⭐⭐ Is calling for influencers creators, photographers, artists to share 🎨 works with 
overseas/domestic fans support via 
1️⃣ Membership 2️⃣ Album sale 3️⃣ Crowdfunding for new projects 4️⃣ Overseas and Domestic payment Support

Users that have their favorite creators they want to see, let me know to make your wishes come true~ 1
🏆 邀请奖励

邀请您最喜欢的创作者并在她们获得支持时,分取高达 20% + 10% 的佣金奖励

🔗 https://www.earnbase.app/settings/affiliates

🏆 Invite Reward for all

Invite your favorite creators and earn up to 20 % + 10% reward, when people support them.

Generate your exclusive invite pass link for new-user
🔗 https://www.earnbase.app/settings/affiliates 1
🔥 热度区

展示感兴趣的热门内容. 按照你喜欢的相关创作者日志中看到更新. 

对于创作者, 所有内容非解锁将出现为笔记内容,出现在热度区,类似于您可以看到其他创作者的作品一样

🔥 hot zone

Show the popular content of interest. Follow the relevant creator feed unlock you like to see updates.

For creators, all non-unlocked content will appear as a public feed and appear in the hot zone, similar to the way you can see other creators’ works 1